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AB.GL cares about the protection of Personal information of all its visitors. Privacy Policy applies to all the services provide


Service AB.GL cares about the protection of Personal information of all its visitors and users, including unregistered ones (hereinafter - "Users"). This section covers the privacy policy (hereinafter - the "Privacy Policy") and contains a detailed description of the conditions for receiving and using the Personal Information of users. This Privacy Policy applies to all the services provided by AB.GL on all platforms, including mobile applications, and describes our policies and procedures regarding Personal Information: what Personal Information we collect, what we do with it, how we share it with others, and the rights of Users with regards to their Personal Information.

Before using our services, be sure to read this Privacy Policy carefully and make sure that you fully understand the contents of this section. If you do not, you may not use our service. However, if you have any questions regarding this section you can contact us using the "Contact Us" section at AB.GL. By using our service, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the present Privacy Policy.



1.1. User Information

In order to provide our services, we need to collect some Personal Information in order to identify Visitors and Users. We collect only the information you provide yourself when registering on our website, using any of our Services and/or when you contact us via our feedback form, email or telephone; or when you purchase a Paid Services from us, you provide us with Personal Information such as your name, email address, phone number, payment information (as determined by the payment processors).

In addition to Personal Information, we may collect aggregate information that does not personally identify the User, but which relates to the User's device: their operating system, Internet browser, screen resolution, keyboard and language settings, Internet service provider, etc.

 1.2. We use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

- To provide and manage our services to you;

- To develop, customize, expand and improve our Services on the basis of Users' experience, requests, recommendations or complaints, as well as possible problems with the use of our Services;

- To provide our Users with customer and/or technical support;

- In order to be able to contact our Users with the help of general or individual messages;

- To accumulate statistical data and/or other derivative Personal Information that we may use to provide and improve our Services;

- To enter into and/or execute contracts with our Users, if any;

- To comply with legal obligations of regulatory and authority requirements;



We may transfer Users' Personal Information to third parties (or in other ways provide them access to such information) in accordance with applicable legislation.

2.1. Transfer of Personal Information to third party service providers

AB.GL may transfer Users' Personal Information to third party service providers and/or subcontractors providing related services. Such services may include, but are not limited to: server hosting services; data transmission and cybersecurity services; billing and payment processing services; domain name registration services; fraud detection and prevention services; web analytics; email messaging and monitoring services; data optimization and marketing services, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Third Party Service Providers"). For functional purposes, AB.GL may share the following Personal Information with Third Party Service Providers (but not limited to): User's identifiers (including name, nickname, and mailing address); unique personal identifier; online identifier; internet protocol address, email address; account name and other similar identifiers. Likewise, AB.GL reserves the right to share information with Third Party Service Providers regarding products and services that have already been purchased by Users.

2.2 Fulfillment of Legal Obligations

AB.GL may disclose or in any other way provide access to Users' Personal Information to security, law enforcement and executive authorities at their lawful request based on applicable law, if we believe we are legally obliged to do so. 

2.3 Transfer of Personal Information for commercial purposes

We never transfer Users' Personal Information to third parties for commercial (profit-making) purposes.

However, we may transfer or in other way share your Personal Information with third parties in connection with a corporate reorganization, merger, sale, assignment, transfer or other disposal of all or a part of our service and/or assets, including also transfer in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceeding that may occur.

2.4 Subsidiaries and Affiliates. 

Transfer of Personal Information to AB.GL's subsidiaries and affiliates registered in different countries are subject to the Framework Agreements on Personal Data Exchange between such countries and to the applicable laws of the countries in which the subsidiaries and affiliates operate.


Personal information is stored in data centers located in the United States of America. We may also store such information in other countries, if necessary, in order to properly provide our Services and/or as required by law (as explained below).

AB.GL is responsible for the processing of User’s Personal Information and its onward transfer to third parties under the principles of the Framework Agreements on Personal Information Exchange when Personal Information is subsequently transferred from the United States and/or other countries.

You can find more information about our Framework Agreements for sharing Personal Information here.

Receipt and transfer of Personal Information by us under the Personal Information Exchange Framework Agreements is regulated by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. If you are dissatisfied with our solution to the issues related to your Personal Information, you may file a complaint with the independent dispute resolution authority in the United States by going to

Upon request, we may provide you with information about whether and to what extent we are in possession of your Personal Information. You may also bring changes to it or request that we delete your Personal Information by deleting your account. Please note that once your account is permanently deleted, you will no longer be able to use our Services and your Account, including Personal Information, will be permanently deleted.



We and our Third Party Service Providers use cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter - "Cookies") to enable us to provide you with quality service, to analyze our performance and other marketing activities, and to match our Services to your personal preferences.

Most browsers can be configured to notify you when cookies are used, or when they may be blocked. Please note that this technology is used for stability, security, increased functionality and performance, as well as for advertising purposes.

Our website contains certain social media functionalities, widgets and/or single sign-on features, such as Facebook Connect, Google Sign-in, Facebook Like, and/or other interactive functionalities (hereinafter - "Social Media Features"). Such Social Media Features may be used to collect some general and/or private information. The Social Media Features are either hosted by third parties or hosted directly on our website. In either case, interactions with such Third Party Social Media Features are governed solely by the policies of such third parties.



5.1 Promotional Messages.

AB.GL may use your Personal Information to send you personal messages via email, SMS messages, messengers, internal chat, and phone calls for promotional purposes.

If you do not wish to receive promotional emails or phone calls, you can unsubscribe from such emails and/or notifications at any time by using the special form to unsubscribe from promotional notifications.    

5.2 Service and Payment related communications.

We may also contact you with important information about changes to our services or to report any other important information regarding the services we provide.

We may contact you (by any means of communication available to us) if one of our services is changed or suspended for technical reasons; to respond to your request for support or in response to your email; to send you payment reminders or warnings about overdue payments. You may not unsubscribe from receiving such Services and payment-related notifications until you delete your account.



You should be able to control your Personal Information. We take steps to ensure that you have the ability to request access to your Personal Information, obtain a copy of it, make changes to your account and/or Personal Information, delete it entirely or limit its use. This right is guaranteed by the right to privacy, and although AB.GL does not collect such Personal Information that would be privacy sensitive and considered sensitive, you have the right to make a request to delete or amend any or all of your Personal Information that we hold. Before making such a request, however, we may request some additional information from you as necessary to verify your identity and/or your account.

Please note that if we permanently delete your account, all of your Personal Information will be permanently deleted and we will no longer have access to it. Once this process is complete, you will no longer be able to use our Services, and in turn we will not be able to restore your account. To continue using our Services, you will need to create a new account according to the new User registration process.



If you have any inquiries or complaints regarding our collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Information, or if you suspect that we are not complying with this Privacy Policy or applicable privacy laws, please contact us through any available communication channel or via the AB.GL feedback form.

Our service will properly check your inquiry and determine if there has been a breach on our part, what action, if any, is necessary to most effectively resolve the issue and/or complaint raised. Every privacy complaint we take very seriously and make every possible effort to resolve your issue promptly and in accordance with applicable legislation. 

You also have the right to file a complaint with your local consumer data protection authority, but we recommend you to contact us first to resolve your issue as quickly and effectively as possible, as this is the easiest and most effective way to resolve any questions and/or disputes regarding personal data.



We may retain your Personal Information for the duration of your Account as set forth in this Privacy Policy, or as needed to provide our Services to you.

In some cases, we may retain your Personal Information even after we deactivate your Account if necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, enforce our contracts, and/or protect our legal interests.



AB.GL has developed security measures to protect the Personal Information you provide to us. For example, access to our Services is via a secure HTTPS protocol; any payment information (such as payment card details) required to make a payment on our site is transmitted via an encrypted connection in accordance with the SSL/TLS standard. Among other things, we regularly check our website for possible vulnerabilities and attacks, and are constantly working to improve and strengthen our existing security system and protect Personal Information of our Users.

Please note, however, that regardless of the measures and efforts we take to protect our Users' Personal Information, AB.GL cannot guarantee the absolute protection and security of your Personal Information, or any other information you provide to us or share with third parties, directly or indirectly using our site or third party services with links to our site. We strongly recommend that you set strong passwords for your Account and never provide us or third parties with your account passwords or sensitive Personal Information, the disclosure of which could be harmful to you.



Our AB.GL site may contain links to third party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy and data protection policies of such websites or services. When you leave our site and go to a third-party resource, you must read the privacy policy of that site or resource before providing them your Personal Information. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third party websites and resources that may be linked to our Site.



Our resource may contain publicly available blogs or support forums (hereinafter - "Forums"). Please note that all Personal Information, including Sensitive Information, that you may disclose in such forums is publicly available and may be collected and used by third parties.

We do not recommend you to post in such forums or share with third parties with such Personal Information that you do not wish to disclose and that may be used against you. If you post your Personal Information on such forums or share it with third parties, you do so at your own risk. AB.GL is not responsible for the posting and possible further disclosure of any information (including personal information) by users in such forums, even if such forums are hosted by us. We take strong security measures to protect your Personal Information, but we have no control over the actions of other Users or third parties who may have access to your Personal Information, and we are not responsible for the use of such information by third parties.



AB.GL reserves the right to make changes in this Privacy Policy in accordance with the requirements of applicable law or in connection with changes in the rules and procedures for collecting, using and storing Personal Information of our Users. If we make substantial changes that directly affect the mechanism and procedure for collecting, using and/or disseminating Users' Personal Information, we will notify you (using one of the available methods specified in paragraph 5.2 (Service and Payment Related Communications) prior to such changes becoming effective. We encourage you to periodically review this page for up-to-date information about the Privacy Policy regarding Personal Information.



If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or any other questions regarding your Personal Information that we hold (as set forth in the sections of this Privacy Policy), you may send us a message via the AB.GL feedback form. We will carefully check your request and provide a comprehensive response or recommendation as soon as reasonably practicable (subject to applicable law and possible procedures) through one or more of the available communication channels in accordance with Section 5.

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