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This section summarizes the main legal terms and conditions of use of our AB.GL service (hereinafter - “Terms” or “Terms of use”) in order to protect our mutual interests and create a basic legal basis to avoid possible disputes or misunderstandings.    



1.1. What we offer 

Our service offers our users a number of convenient tools and features (hereinafter - the "Tools") for the functional web presence and advancement of our users' web resources. The main directions are focused on design, modification, improvement and quality analytics of our users' web resources such as: creation of informative bio pages and links to them in social networks, shortened links, creation of QR codes, operation of your domains, analytics of your websites and much more. Our service is designed to greatly simplify the processes of management and promotion of web resources of our users and make this experience more interesting, understandable and accessible to everyone, even for inexperienced users.

1.2. Legal Agreement

These legal terms of use of the AB.GL web resource include specific terms and conditions that apply to each visitor and/or user of our website without exception and are binding.

You may visit AB.GL and/or use our services only if you fully agree with all of the terms and conditions set forth in this section. If you do not agree with all or any of the Terms in this section, you may not use AB.GL services. If any part of these terms and conditions is not completely clear to you, you may contact us via the feedback form, and we will respond to you as soon as possible to provide clarification. 

By using our Service, you acknowledge that you also have read and agree to our Privacy Policy posted on our website.

1.3. User Account

Before you start using AB.GL you need to sign up on our website by creating a user account (hereinafter "Account").

It is important that you keep the account information confidential and not disclose your account login data (username, password and other credentials) to third parties, as your credentials can be used to gain access to your account or to commit an unlawful act. In such an event, you may be harmed, which could result in financial costs and losses, as well as damage to your web resources.

To register an Account, we strongly recommend that you provide accurate personal information and credentials, including your email address, as it can be used to identify the true owner of the Account (if necessary) and to regain access to the Account if you forget all or some of your Account login information. In addition, we may request certain documents (such as an ID card or registration documents of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur) that can help us identify the true owner of the Account and/or restore access to the Account. 

You, as the Account owner, are solely responsible for all actions taken from your user account or website.


2.1. You represent and warrant that:

2.2. You undertake and agree to:

2.3. You agree not to do the following:


You agree that failure to comply with the above requirements or provision of knowingly false information may result in the deletion of your Account, without the possibility of a refund for the use of the relevant paid Services.


3.1. User Intellectual Property

Your use of our service assumes that you own the intellectual property rights to the Content that you use. AB.GL does not claim any ownership of your Content. You agree that AB.GL will have access to your Content in order to provide the Services to you.

3.2. AB.GL Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights for any Content owned by AB.GL, including all material that may be subject to copyright, are regulated by applicable law.  


All or some of AB.GL's services (including certain Third Party Services provided as part of the AB.GL Services) require the collection and/or use (including storing and/or transferring to third parties) of Users' private information that can identify and/or authorize the User and/or Visitor. We strongly recommend that you regularly review the actual AB.GL Privacy Policy, which describes in detail the procedure and conditions for the collection and use of Users' personal data.


5.1. Charged Services

At the decision of AB.GL, all or some of the services may be chargeable (in whole or in part). The terms and fees for paid services are set out in the relevant sections of our website. In addition, the same Services can be both paid and free, and by paying for the use of such a Service, the User receives extended features in relation to the use of this service. Users independently decide whether to pay for the Service or use a fee-based (with less functionality) version of this Service. If you choose to use the Paid Services, you will be required to pay the applicable Fee. 

AB.GL reserves the right to change the fee at its sole decision. Changes in the Fee for Paid Services will be displayed in the appropriate section. 


All fees are payable in U.S. Dollars, unless otherwise required by law or by the terms of the banks through which payment is made. Moreover, if the User makes payment from the country where the national currency (or the currency of the User's bank account) is not US dollars, the payment can be made in national currency (or the currency of the User's bank account) in accordance with the official currency exchange rate of the country where the User's account is opened.  The payment shall not include taxes (including any payment processing fees and currency conversion fees), duties and fees charged by tax authorities ("Taxes"). We recommend that you check for yourself whether there are any additional fees and charges that may be charged in connection with the purchase of AB.GL Paid Services. We are not responsible or liable for such additional fees and costs, and we make no claim to them.


By registering for our service and providing information necessary to obtain Paid Services, you also authorize AB.GL (directly or through third parties) to request and collect payment from your specified bank and/or card account; and to request information that AB.GL deems necessary to verify the financial information you provide in order to ensure timely payment (for example, up-to-date information about your card expiration date or card number).

5.2. Renewing a subscription to a Paid Service

In order to ensure continued use of Paid Services, there may be an option to automatically renew the use of a Paid Service by default. If you choose this option (if any), upon expiration of the paid Service, such Service will be renewed by automatic debit of the amount equal to the current value of the Service from the card/bank account or by any other method by which the previous payment was made. This option is not a mandatory condition for the use of paid Services, you can enable or disable it at any time at your own discretion.   

In case of impossibility to charge off the payment amount automatically due to any reasons (technical, operational or due to the lack of money resources) you will receive a corresponding notification with one of the available communication channels, provided by you during registration of your account. In this case the Service will not be prolonged (activated), but you will still be able to use the fee-based version of the Service (with limited functionality).  

You are solely responsible for choosing whether to use the paid Services or the free-based ones, and you choose the periods of time for using  the paid Services. Your refusal to automatically renew a subscription to a paid Service does not violate these Terms and assumes no liability on your part for non-payment. In such a case, you will have the option to use a free version of the Service (with limited functionality). At the same time, you acknowledge and agree that you will have no claim against AB.GL for termination of the paid Service, regardless of the basis for termination.


6.1. Account deletion on the user side

Although having a valid account on the AB.GL service does not oblige you to use our services (paid or free-based), you can delete your User Account at any time by submitting an application via the feedback form. We will check your request as soon as possible and will inform you about the removal of your Account or about refusing to delete your Account, and will inform you about the reasons of possible refusal.  


Please note that since the process of account cancellation may take some time, in order to avoid another automatic renewal of the paid Service and automatic charging of the corresponding payment, disable in advance the option of automatic renewal of the subscription (if any). Otherwise, an amount equal to the cost of the paid Service will be charged. 

6.2. Account deletion by AB.GL

AB.GL reserves the right to restrict the use of all or some of the Services (in whole or in part) or to completely delete the User's Account for violation of the applicable Terms and/or applicable law, which may extend to the Services provided by the website. In such a case, AB.GL may (but is not obliged to) send the User a notification of the deletion of the Account. You are strongly advised not to violate these Terms and Conditions and to comply with applicable laws regarding the services we provide in order to avoid disabling your Account. 

6.3. Loss of data and content

Cancellation of your Account (whether by the User or by AB.GL) may result in the loss of certain User Content or certain (or all) User Data. AB.GL is not responsible for the loss of any information, content and/or data of the User if the User's Account is deleted. 


AB.GL Services may allow you to engage and receive certain third party services, products, and tools.

You agree that such services may be chargeable and may require you to pay a fee. AB.GL is not responsible for any third party services and will not be liable for possible charges for third party services, including possible commissions, fees and/or any other payments that may be related to such charges to third parties for the Services they provide.


You use the Third Party Services at your own risk and responsibility, and you may be subject to the legal and financial terms and conditions regulating the Third Party Services, which you should carefully review before engaging the relevant Third Party Services. When using Third Party Services, you represent that you are acting in accordance with their terms of use. 


If you are notified of copyright violation, AB.GL may (under applicable law) delete your Account with or without a pre-notification to you. You may appeal this decision of AB.GL by sending us a message via our feedback form with your details and a description of your issue. We will review your complaint and get back to you as soon as possible.

At the same time, you may report copyright infringement of your Account and/or content (or a portion thereof) by another AB.GL User through the feedback form. We will review your request (within our authority under these Terms and Conditions and applicable law) and contact you as soon as possible. 


AB.GL provides the Services "As Is", with all possible defects therein, without warranties of any kind, including warranties of merchantability for a particular purpose, and other warranties - to the fullest extent permissible by law. We do not guarantee that the AB.GL Services are reliable, secure, of a certain quality according to the sole opinion of the User, or suitable for or compatible with your intended use, devices, operating systems, browsers, or software.


AB.GL cannot under any circumstances be considered as the "publisher" or "owner" of User Content and/or the results of User's use of our Services, accepts no responsibility whatsoever with respect to User Content and results of User activity through the AB.GL Services or for third party use of such data; for its loss or deletion; for damages or losses incurred by you or others resulting from third parties' use of such data. In addition, AB.GL is not responsible for errors, libel, defamation or obscenity, pornography, provocation and/or other illegal and/or prohibited content in violation of applicable laws that you or others may encounter.

We do not recommend to use the AB.GL Services with regard to sensitive information that may concern the privacy of User or others and we are not responsible for the security of such information or for the risks associated with infringement of rights with respect to such content or causing any damage or harm to User or another person after such information is disseminated. 


To the maximum extent permitted by law in the relevant jurisdiction, AB.GL shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or other damages resulting from errors or inaccuracies in the content, unauthorized access to User personal information by third parties, Internet failures or any other circumstances beyond the control of AB.GL. 



By using our services, you agree to indemnify AB.GL for damages, losses, debts, costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees) arising from, incurred or suffered as a result of your violation of these Terms and/or applicable law; your violation of third party rights, including copyright, access rights, proprietary rights or privacy rights resulting from your use of the AB.GL Services.


AB.GL may change these Terms of Use with or without prior notification to Users. You agree that AB.GL will not be liable to you or any third party for any changes made to these Terms of Use. 

You are advised to check regularly for the most current version of the Terms of Use.

12.1. Notifications

We may send you notifications (via any communication method available to us) for various purposes, including (but not limited to): to respond to your request for service support or in response to your email; to send you updates on payments made or declined, to promote ongoing or new Services, etc. 

12.2. Assignment of rights and obligations 

AB.GL may assign its rights and/or obligations under these Terms of Use and/or the right to provide AB.GL Services (in whole or in part) to affiliates, subsidiaries, or third parties without your consent and without prior notification to you. At the same time, you may not assign or transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms of Use without AB.GL's prior consent. 


12.3. Support Contacts

To contact AB.GL Customer Support, use the contact form.

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