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Modern technologies play a big role in businesses. There are almost no companies working without a website or an app. Most businesses use both these options at once. Yet technologies are not limited just by these options. You have probably faced this convenient technology that allows using special codes to get access to certain services or products? The codes like these are called QR codes. Today you can also use them for your profit providing convenience and higher conversion.

What Are QR Codes Used For

Barcodes familiar to everyone since childhood were the forerunners of modern QR codes. Readable using special scanning devices, such barcodes allowed a person to get quick access to the information about a product or service. But time goes forward and today the generation of a QR code has become widespread and they fully substitute barcodes.

Unlike the previous generation of quick-response codes, modern versions are read faster and carry more information. In addition, they can be easily used not only for pasting goods but also for providing access to digital services and resources.

Moreover, to read information from companies that generate QR code, it is enough to have an ordinary smartphone. Special scanners are no longer required.

The very technology of such codes can be easily used by everyone, regardless of the business format and size. You can tailor your goals to situations where you can use QR codes to achieve them. It is quite possible to even organize a quick payment for your goods and services using this tool. Rest assured, your customers will thank you if, instead of long links and complex instructions, you provide them with simple code to get what they need.

For more than 10 years, QR codes have been used everywhere. For comparison, in 2011, only 20 million Americans used QR codes. Today, the number of users has grown hundreds of times. And accordingly, there is a need to create QR code online that increase day by day. It is difficult to imagine an online business that would not use this handy tool for its own purposes. And they can be very different when we talk about a QR code online.

  • Presentation of information about a product or service is perhaps the most common use of QR codes.
  • Access to your site or page. You can provide it with a link into QR code.
  • Special offers or discounts for customers. All it takes is to gen QR code and put a link to QR online to get the buyer to a sale or personal discount page.
  • You can also use QR codes as an alternative to regular links, for example, in advertisements or on your social media profiles.

And of course, this is not at all the limit of possibilities. You can always make QR code with a special QR code creator for the most daring purpose. You can figure out how to use this container of information and how to distribute it to your potential audience.

Where to Get QRCode Online

It seems that the generation QR code technology is very complicated. But this is an erroneous opinion. Thanks to modern advances in the IT industry, there are simple and convenient tools that are used to create a QR code. With their help, you can get your online QR code for any purpose. In addition, you can add the QR code generated in this way to any site or resource, send it as a mailing list to users via any online communication channels, or use it in your social networks.

Today it is not at all necessary to look for special software like QR code generator online. Such tools are available simply on the website.

Take QR Code From Our QR Online Generator

You don't even have to google the QR code website to get the QR code modified for your needs. You are already on the page where a convenient and simple QR code converter is presented. To get a QR code, it is enough to select the type of content that will be encrypted inside it. It can be:

  • Image
  • Text
  • Link to a specific page
  • Email address
  • Link to the social media profile
  • Link to the payment service

Just paste the content you need to represent via that technology into the QR code maker online field and generate it. In addition, our QR code editor allows you to generate custom QR code designed for your specifics. You can choose a frame and color for it, choose the size and shape. Then you can download the resulting code to any device or paste it onto your page. One more thing you may appreciate in this QR code site is that all the services we offer are free for you! No need to pay for the conversion of an URL to QR code online. Just make it and share it for your benefit. Everything is easy and simple because the QR code technology was developed accurately to simplify life.

Take another step towards implementing the latest technologies in your business. Use our QR creator to provide access to your offers for clients in QR code format.